Genre: Young Adult / Fantasy
Current Word Count: 4,000+

First Draft: Complete! (68,000 words)
Second Draft: Complete! (78,000 words)
Third Draft: (20k started. Cancelled. Restarted.)
Fourth Draft: (9k started. Cancelled. Restarted.)
Many restarts later…
Ninth Draft: Started over. Outlined. Fresh take on story and characters. (4,000 words).

(Note: this is subject to change and not a final draft). 

Once I’m sure on this new story, I’ll post the new synopsis. I’m very happy with it at the moment but we’ll see what happens.

Nothing to show yet! Coming soon. I hope, lol.

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  1. (Comment based on previous excerpt)

    Applause, Applause!

    Wonderful chapter, and so very visual! Thanks for sharing your writing with us.

    I really enjoyed seeing through her eyes, and how nature was conveyed through so many of the senses, and the juxtaposing of life and light with darkness and death through those visuals.

    I love the mention of the birds in the house.

    Bravo. Can’t wait to see this in the stores! : )!

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