David Bock Writes

This website is about writing (obviously). Beyond that, it’s about my journey towards becoming published. When I started this, I didn’t have a finished manuscript. I hadn’t¬†written a query letter. You, the reader, will learn with me. I hope that as I stumble or face plant over new experiences that someone else can avoid my mistakes. And despite the challenges ahead of me, I won’t quit until I’ve made it.

When possible, I’ll interview authors and agents and discuss books that I love. I’ll regularly post updates on the books I’m currently writing, the ones I’ve put on hold and the ones I want to accidentally delete or print out just to set on fire.

So thanks for being here and thanks for your support. You can also check out my board games reviews at www.bocksgames.com if you’re into that sort of thing.

You can write me at: davidbockwrites@gmail.com